Pool Inspections by Howard

Hello, it's nice to meet you. I'm Howard Weiss, your pool inspector.

Are you wondering if that backyard swimming pool in your new home is going to be filled with unexpected surprises instead of sparkling blue water? With over 35 years of  pool industry experience,  I can help you make informed decisions as you finalize the purchase of your new home. 

Services available in Montgomery County, MD and the surrounding areas.

Why Have A Pool Inspection?

Purchasing a new home is both exciting and stressful. That's why you rely on experienced professionals like your Realtor® to help you navigate the process. I'm here to help too by guiding you through the swimming pool evaluation process. If this is your first swimming pool, you will appreciate the introduction to the pool's basic operation and components. If you've had a pool in the past, I can help you understand how your new pool may differ from your prior experiences. And hopefully, you'll soon be making new family memories in your own backyard.

Special Considerations for a Pool That Is Not Operational

In this area, pools are routinely shut down for the winter season. This is called winterizing a pool. In other cases, a pool may not have been used for an extended period of time. In both cases, the equipment will not be operational and sometimes there is a cover on the pool.  I can still perform the pool inspection. I will not be able to run water through the equipment, but I can still give you a educated opinion about its functionality.  I will also remove the cover to evaluate the pool surface and structure. (There is an additional charge for the cover's removal and reinstallation.) Rest assured. you'll be adequately informed of the pool's overall condition.

What to expect from your Swimming Pool Inspection

Consider arranging your pool inspection on the same day as your home inspection.  I can inspect the pool while you work with the home inspector. After I am done, we can discuss my findings and  I will give you a brief written summary of them. Soon after, I will follow up with a comprehensive written evaluation that includes photos and recommendations.

See a sample report here.